22 December 2009

My view

The horizon is the Princes Highway at Warncoort. Eight horses have 5 of the acres. They don't belong to my host, but to a madwoman. I spoke with her on the telephone to ask if she was going to bring them some feed.
"I've got a bad leg." was her excuse. Claims she is a dressage coach.
and I'm Liz Taylor I should have replied.


  1. FAIL.
    Definition of anodyne by the Free Online Dictionary
    1. Capable of soothing or eliminating pain.
    n. 1. A medicine, such as aspirin, that relieves pain. ...2. Relaxing: anodyne novels about country life.

  2. Don't the horses eat grass? Isn't five acres enough for them to find grass? Horses = waste of grass.

  3. Hi Andrew - thanks for your visit.
    The paddocks were not lush to begin with, and eight horses chew a lot in the 14 hours of daylight we have.
    They are eating bark off the gumtree branches, and trying to break through the barbed-wire fence into the house paddock. They have cut faces and legs from doing this. It's not good management on the owner's part, and it's common in the country.

  4. I was thinking they have to be chewing bark :( I know you've followed through though :D

    People who don't supp feed when there's not enough should be made to live on tins of dog food. Lazy toads.

  5. "I spoke with her on the telephone to ask if she was going to bring them some feed.
    "I've got a bad leg.""

    No! They can't eat one of them! That'd be nutritionally unsound for them. They need oats and hay, not rotten, gammy old human flesh. That's what cows eat, and it's not good for them either.

  6. Am thinking the mad woman could be the inspiration for a 60's film remake - "They shoot horse (owners) don't they".

    It is a lovely soothing view. Would happily swap it for my current one - my 80's built in wardrobe while I lay prone in bed with a most unseasonal cold.

  7. Did you dob her in?

    It sounds like a horrid thing to do perhaps, but better the RSPCA, perhaps than eight starved horses.

  8. Thanks for the laugh (as always) Brian - I hope you are warm and leaving some heater space for the cat.
    Get well soon Rants - sunlight on face may help recuperation?
    Yes Elisabeth, but inadvertantly during yesterday's call about a lost dog which appeared.
    (the fun never stops)
    This morning owner turns up, bare feet and bandaged ulcerated ankles she walked across paddock to inspect her herd Just As the council ranger arrived.
    I have locked all the doors and drawn the curtains.
    There are several other issues I have not included.
    A prettier post for tomorrow I promise.
    mwah mwah

  9. Cats, plural, Annie. We let a small, rotund female in out of the snow because she looked so dejected, and now she refuses to bugger off again.

  10. Brian, you know you get immense pleasure from those cats in return for your kindness - gazing on a sleeping moggie is the highest form of meditation. The insane popularity of Can Haz catpix (I have about 485 archived in my gmail) is testament.
    Keep it up.

  11. Fleetwood's a softie, marshmallow heart covered in jelly beans. If I knocked on your window, could I share the fire?

    "rotund female" sounds very likely that the Fleetwood family might be expanding.