07 December 2009

more power to Birre

In Birregurra this morning, this massive THING occupies the entire main street.
FIVE gleaming new MACK prime movers and their 256-wheeled trailer articulated in two places and loaded with a turbine travelling from
North Carolina to the Mortlake power station.
It moves westward tonight at 9pm and will pass this house 6 kms later.
Pictures may be the equivalent of 1000 words, but I have no words to convey to you the sheer massiveness of this thing. Boys of all ages will line Murray Street Colac tonight, to witness this walking-pace uni-procession. Such a boy-thing.
History of Mortlake, Western Victoria


  1. That is indeed a bloody big truck.

  2. It's the name Mortlake that has always captivated me almost more than the size of this stupendous monster trawling though its streets.

    I can only ever think of death when I think of this name and I worry for the citizens of Mortlake. Are they similarly burdened?

  3. Speaking of Mortlake.........ah, no direct connection, but why has the vertical cemetery moved from Derrinallum to Darlington? Is this truck type thing responsible for trams not running in Collins Street over the weekend?

  4. Such a boy-thing? So you're telling me you're *not* going to watch it go by? :-)

  5. Elisabeth: my 86-year-old father hopes so, as he got a speeding ticket going through Mortlake last year.
    Andrew: no - it came off the Geelong dock which has one of the two really-heavy cranes in Australia.
    Rob: I sure did, and the utes gathered at the corner so there was a big crowd, including people from Melbourne who came just to see it.
    It was even more amazing than I thought. The MACKs were yoked to it back and front, just like horses to a dray, and the roar of them flooring-the pedal to push was fabulous. The 256 tyres were squashed pretty flat to the tarmac too. I have more pix, but have to drive to the top of the hill to get enough broadband signal to load them without losing connection - whatever Telstra claim, it's shitty out here in the paddocks.
    Thanks everyone for your visit.

  6. My thats a Mack truck I could learn to drive ha sicko sister has her twisted family thinking I am going to run her down with a Mack truck (do they come in automatics????) because I wrote to her in 2002..."What would it take... a Mack truck to wake you up?" Can I have this Mack truck when its finished its present job...just the ticket for that dopey famibly