15 December 2009

Le Style Moderne

This building is the corner of Murray Street and Grant Street.
This next building in Corangamite Street just 2 doors from Murray Street, has been ruined over time, but the glass-brick tower survives -If you like art-deco style buildings, do visit Art Deco & Moderne, Melbourne, and Walking Melbourne for great pictures and discussions.


  1. also do visit David Thompson's blog of Melbourne deco, and see the wonderful Alkira House in Queen Street. It houses The Art-Deco Cafe too.

  2. Thanks for the plug Ann and the comment you left over at my Art Deco Buildings Blog where visitors will see more than just Melbourne Deco.

    I love your Victorian Regional postings. There really is some fabulous stuff out there.

  3. Mahons looks like one of those rockets with a spring loaded point that we used to put caps in and hurl at passers by when we were kids, on its return journey to earth.

  4. Yes Brian - That era was the peak of Buck Rogers space travel - his space suit (in the film serials I saw on Saturday afternoons) had two switches on the chest - ON/OFF and UP/DOWN.

    I should go into that Colac shop and see if I feel 'stuck like a disabled Treen'.