22 December 2009

birdy num num

After yesterdays barren North view, here is the south side of the house where four yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos are eating unripened peaches. Well, trashing the tree actually. When I got too close they flew and it was beautiful - they are huge and very glossy and their wings flap slowly, wingtips almost meeting underneath their body before the upward flap - it was beautiful.
THIS is where I am, photo taken from cemetery on south side. There was a stone church on the block between this house and the cemetery but only some corner stones remain as it was destroyed in the 1944 bushfires.And here is another pic of the black cockies hanging in the peach tree
(click for big beady black eye view).


  1. I have never seen black cockies up close. They look like they would be playful.

  2. Great pics.
    They visit here every July/Aug - here being about 7k from city - and I love watching them. They used to decamp in the back yard to trash a large tree (which died - perhaps not a coincidence)

  3. "here is another pic of the black cockies hanging in the peach tree."

    No, Matron,no...

  4. There is always an opposite view, as you say, the barren north view as opposed to the south.

    What wonderful images: black cockatoos eating peaches and a burned out graveyard, though from here the graveyard looks pretty intact.

    I love graveyards. They too remind me of so many things about the passage of time, about the past, about loss and regrowth.

    Thanks for these fantastic views.

  5. This is the first time I've seen block cockatoos. I've only seen drawings of them in encyclopedias when I was a child. They seem to be enjoying themselves a lot; however, I think they would like it even more if they were nibbling at ripe peaches instead of unripe ones.

  6. Do I look hot too?
    Birdy Num Num - that's from Peter Sellers' The Party isn't it? That Claudine Longet was hopped-up on goof balls wasn't she?

  7. Sorry Scott - I had to delete that "do I look hot" moron preceding you.
    How we loathe spamcomment. But yes the Party, and Sellers probably gave her the illicit substances.

    Thank you Hughsie - as Boynton and Andrew say, the black cockies were far more arresting than my photos show. The final photo has one of them falling of his perch and getting his tail tangled - he was sort of stuck. They also love to eat the seedpods of wisteria vines,and LunaDancer? ... gtreen peaches must taste better than camellia buds, another bird favorite snack.
    Thanks everybody.

  8. the anonymous twunt above must have been one of these -

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    MY suspicion is on Cordoba.
    I wish they would die.

  9. Then I realised that their message's link to
    (Don't go there! that how your puter catches things)
    may lead to or attract other vile spam. So it's deleted. I hate to turn on the Virtual Door Bitch though.
    The news is all vile, I am going to spend the entire day in a Harry Bosch book. Bless youse all.

  10. If that's the new Harry Bosch, I'd like a review please.

  11. not sure if it was new - Concrete Blonde - poor tortured Harry breaks all the rules and cannot maintain any relationship. Dunno why I lap it all up.

  12. Here's a blog to visit for it's great photos. Christmas in NYC. The one of F.A.O.Schwartz the 5th Av toystore just blew me up up and away. The place isn't famous for nothing.
    Do Please follow this link to marvel at the HUGE stock of just one department, and it's not the teddy bears. You'll be glad you went.

  13. Concrete Blonde is an oldie but a goodie. Schwartz are famous for their Holiday Barbies and I love teddy bears.