11 November 2009

Wreck the rink

Thanks to Leo at for the derby demon image above, and thanks to the derbutantes for this delight -
Gosh I love a good sub-culture.
With a clear recollection of the LA T-Birds Mexican spitfire
Little Ralphie Valladeres ramming through the pack
when roller derby was regular fare on Melbourne TV in 1960, I canardly wait till
The Derbytantes Brawl Rocks The 'Rat on 29th November.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Rough-housing and
great clothing choices are the key elements of the derby dames.
Get a look at The Nutcrackers team.
If you don't get to the Rat Wreckery, try to rent a dvd of Raquel Welch's
killer Kansas City Bombers movie (the
girl version of the fabulous Slap Shot)
it will get you in the frame to enjoy Drew Barrymore's first directorial effort WHIP IT
out here soon, and you don't have to thank me for this alert to the zeitgeist.
Just remember you read it here before Catherine Deveny columns it.


  1. Finally, a sport I could actually watch for more than thirty seconds without getting bored.

  2. G'day Hughsie, AOD will be thrilled to have amused you. The best of those links is the 'great clothing choices' one. A scroll down the rivetting photos will definitely be rewarding - it's Team St.Trinians Goes Yank.

  3. I hate sport but have a sneaky affection for roller derby. Had a ball watching my friend on the rink doing her thing earlier this year. Keep wanting to back but the Melbourne games (in scenic Reservoir) now book out way in advance. The last game turned away hundreds.

    The girls are hot and tough. The audience is a great side show. One of the cheersquads was comprised of bogan blokes in kilts. You've got to go!

  4. dear AOF - drat it's a Sunday night - not good for encouraging long distance travellers.
    X X X AOD

  5. Subcultures indeed.

    Rather amazingly, we don't get this sort of thing in CQ. I've no doubt there's an audience...

  6. I remember watching the Americans doing this way way back and I loved it. I can't remember if the men rollered but I know I loved watched the women throw each other around.

  7. I used to love The Roller Game. Shirley Hardman - now there was a tough competitor. I actually played roller hockey for a season. That was scary. I still have (and skate in) a lovely pair of white leather-booted, red plastic-wheeled skates that have served me well for over thirty years. The skating rink in Caloundra still does all the games I remember from when I was nine and first started roller skating.

    You're never too old to drive an eight-wheeler to Hotel California.



  8. The old Rpller that was rougher than World Championship wrestling in the old days...sob many years ago

  9. Hi Ms O'Dyne.......may I add you to my friends list? You will need to give me your address........this is like wobbling on a bicycle.....and a Mod too? aussi.

  10. Dear Anne O'Dyne – I was just looking at those two books on LA you sent me a couple of years ago and the lovely little notes and bits and pieces between the pages. You are gold. I hope you're doing well.
    Love, RR xx

  11. oh! RR - I swing through your sleeping blog when the moon is full, hoping for something. am on Fbook under actual name if you are there too, please say hi.

  12. I'm not on Facebook but if I ever succumb I shall look you up. x

  13. Hey Marshall Stacks, I like your name, I skate Roller Derby for The Road Train Rollers in Adelaide as Marshall Stacks ;)

  14. i've always been fascinated with the rollerderby sport. the girls are so kick-ass.

    course i can't ever be a rollerderby girl. but i'm more roller-skating type. ;)

    hope you're having a wonderful christmas!