07 October 2009

Regional Art Deco

This is the frock salon of Walter Davis in the Bridge Mall of Ballarat.
A symphony of silver and black.
Inside the store has pressed Wunderlich metal walls, and all the original old cabinetry like glove drawers and the glass doors on the cabinets where lovely gowns once hung, and a row of chandeliers for lighting. Ballarat Courier's photo of the interior. Follow link for their 2004 story.
This is what the facade looked like in 1938 when Ballarat went crazy for it's centenary -
as this is yesterday's unglamorous and chilly street scene.


  1. The shop looks great. Walter Davis, a dinky di Lebanese name.

  2. whats that red brick building to the left of the last photo, the one yesterday in ballarat?
    its great to see them enlarged
    scribble girl...for some reason my comment went astray before

  3. Hi Scribblonomous - I don't think your lost comment is the blog's fault, as my comments get lost a lot.
    The red bricks on the left belong to a hotel on the corner of Peel Street. An ornate building, long and narrow, 3-storeys, and has had a variety of names, most recently The Bridge Mall Inn when it was a music venue; now ground floor shops, and upstairs office space. I will look for history of it and get back to you. thanks for your visit.

  4. ... and both the last 2 photos will reward you if you 'Click to enlarge', especially the 1938 one.

  5. I've still got the original, leaded art-deco panes in my front windows. I was going to have them encased in double-glazing recently, until I found out how much it'd cost. They'll have to stay single paned and slightly bulgy when the gales get up for now.

  6. I lurve the art deco period.

    There's no style in my city's shops, no attention to detail or focus on little luxures. They think lots of glass and steel is class.

  7. Amazing. One day I will have to farm out the cats - for a few months - and do a big drive around and see all these places - I haven't been anywhere really - except in my head

  8. That art deco store looks adorable. I could imagine myself visiting it repeatedly. All that gorgeous attention to detail ... Glove draws! I love gloves. xx

    Miss Ann, you have a wonderful aesthetic! xx