24 October 2009

Blogger On A Cast Iron Balcony

Overlooking the marina at Cannes 1976. This photograph shows a person who has just eaten their first ever croissant, and bowl of milk coffee. Later that day she did a favour for Rockin Reggie Vincent who played on 'School's Out' and he hugged her. Not a bad Brush-With-Fame. Please tell me all about yours ...


  1. I've never been to Cannes, but I did get thrown out of 2nd year French class and called an anarchist!

    The last part goes with "School's Out" (I got no class and I got no principles)...

    I also smoked a joint w/Allen Ginsburg once, which yes, I know most of the lower east side could make this claim.

    This shot reminds me of the Hockney portrait "Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy", sans closeted gay husband and cat. I love how women had to have hips enter room before anything else!

  3. oooh ... as for brushes with fame:
    Stood across the road from Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt on Fifth Ave when they were in NY filming Meet Joe Black.
    Crashed a private party being held for the Pet Shop Boys upstairs at Three Faces in Prahran - they signed the T Shirt my ex was wearing and I accidentally blew smoke into Neil Tennant's face.
    Once served Peter O'Brien and Rebecca Gibney when I was a student working at Food Plus in Hampton (they were drunk and needed ingredients for Bloody Marys). Also Debbie Phin of Tattslotto fame. And Dermot Brereton. And a famous golfer dude (Appleby?). Ooh and David Reyne in very tight pants.

  4. I once went to the toilet in a cubicle next door to the one used by Margaret Whitlam. This was in the early nineteen seventies. It seemed a brush with fame at the time.

  5. Backstage at a Deep Purple reunion tour concert in Adelaide in 1980something.....literally walked straight into a very sweaty Ian Gillan as he came off stage. All I could think at the time was "Ewwwwwwwwww, sweaty chest hair." Went straight home and took a shower. Well, went home but not exactly straight.

    Love the photograph.

  6. oh Daisy! that's 5-Star
    Yes Elisabeth, The tall champion swimmer lady is definitely B-W-F gold.
    OZfemme - I'd like to know more about that backstage night of yours, Gillan or not.
    Scott darling - email me and I can tell you a doozy Reyne story offblog; and re Mr & Mrs Clark and Percy - I went in a London house once where they owned the original - Nat Joseph of Transatlantic Records (Billy Connollys 1st label).
    Mr Ossie Clark showed his frocks at georges of Collins St in about 1972 and I saw him walk down from his hotel with the model - Carina Fitzalan-Howard (now Mrs David Frost) and she had rollers in her hair in Collins St. In those days of course, models did all their own work. There were no pimply skanks transformed by teams of professionals and yes I mean MossyKate.
    Where was I? oh yes - lovely stories everyone thank you so much, mwah mwah, AOD per the fugging great stacks of Marshalls

  7. Now that would be telling. The only downside of my day job is that when I do meet anyone approaching the Aussie A or B list, I have to forget everything I learn about them.

    Can't wait til I develop dementia and all the buried treasure starts tumbling out of my brain again :)

  8. Is that You have certainly lived in interesting times - wow I am impressed...I have yet to make new Zealand even...

  9. I've never had a 'brush with fame' being the epitome of 'fame' in the first place.

  10. I shared a lift with Jeff Kennett once - not a pleasant experience. I was carrying a bunch of flowers at the time, and snide Mr K made a snide remark regarding them.

  11. Yes Lord Hughes:
    we feel vice-regalled by your deigning to drop by.

    Thanks for your visit Anne - Kennett excelled at 'snide', but there's nowt more snide than electoral defeat.

  12. I wish I looked like that blogger on that Cast Iron Balcony, instead of the somewhat lumpy creature I have become. That's very superior cast iron, too.

    Here's my brush with fame, also music industry related, from the balcony, natch.