09 September 2009


Deep Space NINE
The Law Of NINES
Revolution No: 9
and he was born on the 9th -
dear Dr. Winston O'Boogie said of Revolution No 9
"I think it was the best thing I've ever done".

(I should have cropped the murderer out of that picture. dear John.)


  1. ... and on Let It Be
    The One After 909
    My baby says she's traveling
    on the one after 909
    I said move over honey
    I'm traveling on that line
    I said move over once, Move over twice
    Come on baby, don't be cold as ice
    She said she's travelling on the one after 909

    Northern Songs 1970

  2. Lyrics:
    Number nine,
    number nine
    number nine,
    number nine ...

  3. Seven of Nine...mmm...tasty borg technology.

  4. our family is waiting for 11/11/11 we have a spooky thing with that number

  5. Here's a link to TRIPWIRE showing us how Sean Lennon takes after his mother.

  6. Head done in. Very hard to keep up with your stuff. But it's all good, as they are wont to say.

  7. AnonymousJune 23, 2010

    June 2010
    Lennon Naked
    BBC Four, 9.30pm
    Edmund Coulthard, who runs the production company Blast!, directed this honourable biopic of John Lennon. It is swept along by Christopher Eccleston’s totally convincing performance in the lead role, which captures Lennon’s combination of gravitas and playfulness, his charm and cruelty. The film covers the seminal events of Lennon’s life before he left Britain for ever to live in New York — including the death of Brian Epstein, the journey to India, his meeting with Yoko Ono and the break-up of the Beatles. But the main psychological driver is Lennon’s abandonment by his parents as a child, which coloured all his relationships and fuelled a lifelong anger. “It’s not peace I want,” he says angrily. “It’s pandemonium.”

  8. Aug 17, 2010
    "A little-known folk singer who worried that financial success might ruin his songwriting skills has received a letter of advice from John Lennon 34 years after it was sent.

    The late Beatle wrote to Steve Tilston after reading an interview with him in a music magazine in 1971.

    In the note, which has been made public for the first time, Lennon said wealth would not change the important things in life.

    Signed by Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, the letter was sent just after The Beatles split in 1970 to the offices of the now-defunct ZigZag magazine.

    It wasn't passed on to Tilston, however, until a collector contacted him five years ago.

    Addressing the then 21-year-old singer, Lennon wrote: "Being rich doesn't change your experiences in the way you think.

    "The only difference, basically, is that you don't have to worry about money, food, roof etc.

    "But all other experiences - emotions, relationships - are the same as (anybody's).

    "I know, I have been rich and poor and so has Yoko (rich - poor - rich). So, whatya think of that?

    "Love John and Yoko."

    Lennon also included his home phone number.

    Ono says she remembers Lennon writing the letter.

    Tilston, who is now 60, has gone on to record more than 20 albums during his career and will mark 40 years in the music business with a concert in Bristol next month.

    He says he would have called Lennon if he had received the letter, which is estimated to be worth about 7,000 pounds ($12,200).

    "I feel it was a rather brotherly letter really," he said.

    "Not antagonistic, just offering words of advice.

    "If I had received it all those years ago, my young self would definitely have rung him."

    Tilston added he never had to worry about how extreme wealth would affect his creativity.

    "Sadly, I was never really able to test this theory out."

    - AAP

  9. David Kamp writes in Vanity Fair summarising Lennon's life and career since surviving gunshot wounds inflicted by a madman 30 years ago