06 August 2009

Gorgeous Photography

Feeding our spiritual health is just as important as eating for physical health,
and visual beauty is everywhere to find.
Even in pigs.
I love pigs.
I don't eat them either.
This dear Babe of a piglet is a
Gloucestershire Old Spot .
The breed is known for having a strong maternal instinct and because of this, the lowlifes who factory-farm pigs, tried to add this strain to the less glorious pigs they torture.

This picture was made by Jo Sax in London for The Times as part of a set illustrating jewellery. Do follow the link for the beautiful mouse peeping out of a sparkly evening purse.
Put some joy in your heart.

If Jez Coulson* thinks it's good, that's all you need to know.
(* he said so in a comment at my previous post: Tiara for CopperWitch's birthday)


  1. Factory farming anything is evil but especially piggies who are not unlike humans in many many ways.

  2. What a friendly looking pig. Ok, I eat pork but how could anyone mistreat them such as they do.

  3. A Gloucester Old Spot, eh? Similar in many respects to the Lancashire Black Spot...which the locals call Fleetwood.

  4. oh The Recrudescence Of Lord Hughes
    we have missed you.

  5. the pearls look lovely on that swine.

    I won't eat either though.

  6. I love pigs too! Nice to be able to say that somewhere, and have it understood that I also mean: I don't EAT pigs.

  7. Who ever said Animals don't smile...that little pig is smiling for sure

  8. I stopped eating pigs before I stopped eating all other animals because I learned of their sensibilities. Pigs understand kindness.