08 June 2009

Fairytale Audrey

A booky-blogger - Me and my big mouth, says this is his favourite photo of St.Audrey of Hepburn and he gets no argument from me

He also mentions Harry Lime as swine:

Harry Pigg, the only surviving brother from the Big Bad Wolf attacks, has set up business as a private detective in Grimmtown, only things aren't going too well.
Down on his luck, with bills to pay and no clients in sight the outlook is poor.
But then in walks local businessman Aladdin who needs someone to help him track down an old lamp.
What follows is a case of nursery-rhyme noir.
Funny, thrilling and always entertaining, Harry Pigg is an old breed of hero for a new generation.
It's as if Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney had walked into the middle of a bedtime story. A comedy caper for all ages. The first in a major new series.
The author, Bob Burke lives in Ireland. This is his first novel.

(That's the book-rap at and it appears to be suitable for children of all ages)


  1. Just last night I was looking up songs on youtube with 'moon' in their title and of course, Moon River was one of them. I got distracted of course, and by a whole lot of photographs of our Saint Audrey, but I didn't come across this one.

    She looks a bit like that Beckham woman in this shot--faintly anyway.

  2. well-spotted Caroline.
    Victoria Beckham channels Audrey more successfully than ShazzaStone managed when she was aping HSH Grace Kelly. I don't mind Posh at all.
    and Moon River? Henry MANcini is da man.
    Eleven Oscars for music.
    I saw him live in concert once, with a 110-piece orchestra doing all his hits -- it was better than rocknroll.
    La Luna has inspired much silvery-moonlight music since moongazers were mainly lovers not wanting to return to their respective homes.
    Modern cohabiting seems to have rooned all that.

  3. I've never seen a photo of Belgium's most elegant export quite like that one. She's a doll.

  4. Not so much Harry Pigg as Spam Spade...and speaking of spam...

  5. yes Brian thank you for your usual fine drollery and the damn spam is asian I deduce from the blogstats -

    "Melbourne, Victoria arrived from on Trying to be Ann o'Dyne
    Taipei, Tai-pei arrived from on
    Trying to be Ann o'Dyne"

  6. That is a wonderful shot of her...I have never seen one of her without her hair styled and looking neat... and just hwo is this bloody "Sexy" who keeps posting... One day I had dozens of these come in and finally had to ring the internet provider to stop them...then the other day it started again...funny how its all in s\Chinese or japanese writing but the name is in English...bugger me whats it all about????

  7. 'sexy' has been spamming lots of blogs in the past few day. (Obviously has been swallowing too much Viagra from his good friends at the bank of Nigeria.)

  8. I just finished watching an Audrey special on Foxtel! I love the film Two For the Road, plus, of course all the usual Heburn classics. As for nursery rhyme noir - NICE!!