19 June 2009

Can The CAN !

The Canberra Press Gallery Annual Midwinter Ball.
What a night.
Our Deputy Prime Minister
was there with
Her Minister For Coiffure & Blokes Affairs.
(that WAS him in the photo above)

Our Fearless Leader arrived
with 25 kgs-less-wife.
The Intern For Womens Affairs did
a bit of groping and has now resigned.
Peter Costello missed it though.
Pity, as he will have to follow one of those links to read
about the journos choir singing
'The Leader Up The Back'


  1. sorry Dear Reader, that first link has been archived by evil Ruperts' SMH. This is some of Annabel Crabbs story:
    'Tim Mathieson has spent a decent proportion of the past year as Australia's Acting First Dude.
    He has been going out with Julia Gillard for several years. Their courtship is kind of a cute story.
    He is a Shepparton boy, from regional Victoria, whom Gillard met in 2004 when she visited the Melbourne salon where he was working, to have her hair done by somebody else.
    Mathieson is a familiar and enthusiastic figure around the corridors of Parliament's ministerial wing. Garrulous to a fault, he'll start a conversation with anyone, and throw in some free hair advice to boot.

    Gillard's staff are regular beneficiaries of his professional attentions; when the Press Gallery Ball's on, he'll fly up early to do everybody's hair.
    And when Gillard's on an early morning TV show, Mathieson gets up too, to give her a quick blow-wave before sending her on her way.'

    Our Julia is pretty damn smart with a live-in Tress-Wrangler.

  2. That is a low-cut dress for such a cold night. Hmm, I'm not good with hair which is a pity.

  3. Anyone who offered me unsolicited, free hair advice would likely to end up feeling rather foolish.

    Paul I had a look at the photograph gallery at the Oz. All the women look as though they must have been freezing there proverbials off, notwithstanding Mr Scrinis' groping attempts. The heating must have been on up high.

  4. She looks like she's attending an S&M bash! Put those things away Ms Gillard!

  5. Thanks for your comments evahbodeee ...

    We who rarely get frocked-up, just revel in the errors of Those Who Do.
    You can have plunge if you have sleeves, you can have strapless if the front is high, but you cannot get away with strapless + plunge

    (unless its all taped to silicon filler as Victoria Beckham does).

  6. "Six women claim Mr Scrinis sexually harassed them - two say he grabbed their breasts on the dance floor..."

    That's what's known as hands-on politics.

  7. Even at a Canberra posh do, things can degenerate into a keg night.

    From the look of that frock there's no silicone in our Jules. She's still classy.

    My hair's a mess so I'll be first in if she clones the mister and puts him on the market.

  8. I reckon the media should stay away from the annual ball. Just for once the pollies should be able to let it all hang out.......ah, one did anyway.

  9. What were their breasts doing on the floor, Brian?

  10. The limbo, presumably...

  11. Limbo lower now ...

    oh Phil - You win, that was fabulous.
    We call her Pirate Queen cos she's got a sunken chest.

  12. oops Brownie - that was not in ref to Julia G

  13. Just copied this from Courier-Mail timeline of UteGate kerfuffle, which was the reason Turnbull went at Dr.Charlton at the now infamous Midwinter ball.

    Mid-2007 -
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd accepts an old Mazda ute from neighbour and Ipswich car dealer John Grant. It is declared on his pecuniary interests register.

    February 19, 2009
    A mystery email allegedly is sent from Rudd's adviser Andrew Charlton to Treasury official Godwin Grech asking for help for Grant.

    June 4, 2009
    The Opposition tells a Senate estimates hearing it believes Rudd's office contacted Treasury about helping Grant. Rudd denies the allegations. Treasurer Wayne Swan says his office did pass Grant's details to Treasury.

    June 17, 2009
    Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull allegedly threatens Charlton at the Mid Winter Ball, telling him not to lie for his boss.

    June 19, 2009
    Grech tells the Senate hearing Rudd's office may have sent him a short email asking him to help Grant. Emails tabled show the Treasurer's office lobbied on behalf of Grant. The email cannot be found and an inquiry is ordered.

    June 22, 2009
    Federal police raid Grech's house and interview him.

    By mid-afternoon, the AFP confirm the email was a fake. Reports suggest police want to interview one of Malcolm Turnbull's staff, believed to be a former colleague of Grech.
    It has now been found that the email emanated from Treasury. Now is the Midwinter Ball of their discontent indeed

  14. thanks Phil - so it's down to LEAKS there too.

    I got my info from the excellent read on p35 of Weekend Austn Business Section, Prestige Motoring, Philip King wrote it.

    Not 'off topic', as I think
    Everything In The World Is About Music And

  15. "Not 'off topic', as I think
    Everything In The World Is About Music And

    And archaeology...

  16. What can I say after all this... I was happily out of it all, as my sisters never listen to radio and seldom buy papers...I thought at first someone had cloned Julia's head on someone elses decolletage. I still imagine her wearing sneakers underneath ans sensible undies...but then so do I...