26 June 2009

blame it on the talent

If you don't get up and dance when you hear
Blame It On The Boogie, then you must not be breathing.
We have to thank him for that pleasure.

The sad news of his death today, makes me contemplate the poor parenting he had, his incompetent medical providers, and those poor kids.

In 1983 Michael Jackson won
13 Billboard Awards,
5 Billboard Video Awards and
was Rolling Stone's Artist of the Year.
1984 he deservedly won 8 American Music Awards,
2 American Video Awards,
5 Billboard Magazine Year End Awards, and
4 Canadian Black Music Awards.
1984 Best Performance Video, Best Choreography and Viewers Choice at the first MTV Video Music Awards show and
EIGHT of his 12 Grammy nominations.
The success of the Thriller album commercially also rejuvenated a slumping music industry that at the time hadn't seen an album with sales numbers like it for nearly five years.

******** A week later:
His burial looks like it is going to be a media armageddon.
His father and his plastic surgeon butchers, and that incompetent 'physician' with him when he died, should be buried too.

2nd UPDATE 16 July: Today's news mentions a homicide charge because
Please follow this link to the use of Propofol on MJ. Why did I immediately remember the death of Heath Ledger and it's link to insomnia drugs ? Was he Propofol-ed by some murderous quack too?


  1. I feel sad about the Michael Jackson who died inside some decades ago. The strange creature inhabiting his body that died today, I find it hard to feel anything for.

  2. He'll be up in heaven now, I suspect...enticing cherubs into his bathtub.

  3. I have similar feelings to Paul. Manly Corso today and Beat It was blaring from a music shop. Another had a sign on its door, Closed due to MJ's death. Just kidding, back after lunch.

  4. Have been playing his songs all day in celebration of his amaaazing talent, and I never paid much attention to him before! Don't even own Thriller!

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments.
    My pal Thats So Pants mentions in her post, that he was a misogynist, deleting the mother* from the lives of his children, and I wonder if it's because his own mother failed to protect him from his father.
    That's the blinged-up father we have all just seen smiling and waving to the hordes at his gates.

    * the ex-dermatologists nurse who has the worst complexion in Hollywood, despite the payoff. I have read that she is Australia-born, so gird yourselves for the No Idea headline "Jacksons children coming to Australia"

  6. Hi! Thanks for finding me! Glad I found ya back! Yes, it amazes me that with such a screwed up life that he was so seriously successful. His parents are a piece of work all right. And all those blood suckers around him his entire adult life? Good Lord.

    I heard a song the other day, an older one of his...I think it was called 'This is my childhood' or some such title. Amazing look inside that life.

    He had sooooo many excellent songs. And I hear there's 100 in the tank waiting to be released. Yup, Argentina. Fo sho. lol. The guy is worth WAY more now. Way. MaiTai's with X-FIL..maybe *wink*

  7. He certainly could dance, an intuitive understanding of rhythm was his genius. As to the more obvious diconnects. Maybe he didn't get much of an education? Maybe he never matured past the Ben phase? Maybe he had really bad advice? Maybe he never took advice? Maybe nobody felt they could give him any?

    I think he found the world a horribly shocking place and people generally appalling. I can understand that. I read somewhere, written with incredulity, that he had more time for his pets than he did for 'real' people. Yeah? So?

    But really I just don't think he was all that bright. An excellent dancer. Genius? well certainly successful in terms of album sales. At the end of the day, I think he might have been a bit short on cognitive, thinking power.

    I think he'll be much happier where he is now,where he can be Peter Fucking Pan if he wants to. More so than down here on planet Earf where the pressure is so dense. I think his heart was mostly in the right, if somewhat misguided a place. His time was up. Only the good die young.

  8. As much as people seemed to have loved him I think his musical legacy has been overstated. That's not to say he wasn't a significant pop star. And I think his collaborations with McCartney; Jagger; and van Halen were inspired and led to collaborations becoming lucrative and commonplace - U2 and BB King; Travelling Wilburys etc. And we're all the richer for it. But that's about it.

  9. sad that only in death he should be revered for his contributions to the music industry. in the past 15+ years while he was alive, he was nothing more than a running joke and punchline. it's disappointing that his bizarre outrageousness should eclipse his talent and that along with the music, his "eccentricities" and scandals will be a part of his legacy.

  10. Like Paul, I mourn for the childhood that was taken from him. And for his poor darling kids, who've now lost the only parent they ever knew.

  11. I wish I had an opinion, but the whole thing leaves me cold. I just don't feel anything at all...sorry but thats how it is. I know nothing much about all this crap that is out there about him...and frankly just feel nothing.

  12. Yeah ditto miss diarist, the only ones I feel sorry for are his kids.

    In the week since his 'death' youtubing around I've learnt, that he actually didn't bleach his skin, which I had cynically presumed to be the case. If I had an opinion of him many years ago, it was that I thought he was trying to look more like Diana Ross (and succeeding). What a strange boy, so beautiful. Taking drugs to depigment your skin, if you're black, would fuck with your head. Woudn't it? He really does seem to have been peculiarly innocent and I think Ms Pants was a bit hard. I don't think he hated women, any more than he hated anyone, and I don't think he really hated anyone. Fame completely sucks you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. One wonders though . . . his kids don't look a thing like him at all, at all. They are in a really weird bind now and will need serious counselling on ahem, 'being normal'.

  13. Hey - your link to my blog doesn't go to my blog at all!


  14. I'm no fan of MJ. Pedophilia comes to mind. The worlds only white black man comes to mind. One sick MFer about does it. His music was his talent but being a human being is kind of important too. Someone commented about him being in heaven "enticing cherubs into his bathtub"; my only argument would be that he belongs in hell. That's the place for that kind of behavior.

  15. I couldn't watch the funeral...when I saw those clips of Paris Jackson being paraded up to the microphone, I thought, damn, they haven't learned shit about the evils of putting children on display, have they?


  16. I'm still getting over the other Michael Jackson, the groundbreakingly fantastic author and connoisseur of all things important, the man who allowed me to proclaim to the world that I love beer! beer glorious beer! Beer in all its lovely flavours from every country in the world. No longer am I ashamed to be in the company of the wine cognoscenti. Thanks to The Beer Hunter I hold my head high. Yet I only found him just months before he died.

    Here's cheers to Michael Jackson - 2 years this 30th August, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

    As for that other Jackson, great music up to Thriller, my kids love Weird Al's version of Eat It, but for everything else that came after..."may God have mercy on his soul... proceed!"

  17. Thanks Pat - I agree that all the thrill of MJ ended at about Thriller; and thanks for the tip on the other
    MJ - The BeerHunter

  18. I searched for the Ledger investigation and this is a paste from the CNN report:
    Deadly Combination - Here are the drugs found in Heath Ledger's body:

    • Oxycodone -- narcotic/painkiller; trade names: OxyContin, Percodan
    • Hydrocodone -- narcotic/painkiller; trade name (combined with acetaminophen): Vicodin
    • Diazepam -- anti-anxiety drug; trade name: Valium
    • Alprazolam -- anti-anxiety drug; trade name: Xanax
    • Doxylamine -- sleep medication; trade name: Unisom
    • Temazepam -- sleep medication; trade name: Restoril

    This sort of thing goes back to Judy Garland's condition in the 1960's.
    The performing arts as a career, is a health hazard.
    I wonder how any of them can 'go on' when they are so out-of-it.

  19. and here is the final para of Wiki on propofol:

    "abuse of propofol as a recreational drug has been reported, usually among medical staff such as anaesthetists who have access to the drug.
    However, abuse of the drug is rare due to its potency and the level of monitoring required to take it, and it has not been scheduled by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Despite a lack of analgesic properties, propofol's sedative action presumably produces euphoric effects.
    The steep dose response curve of the drug makes such abuse very dangerous without proper monitoring, and several deaths have been recorded.

  20. Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, just released a statement about today's raid at the doc's office -- saying law enforcement officials were searching for evidence "of the offense of manslaughter."

    "We can confirm that a search warrant was executed today on Dr. Murray's offices in Houston, Texas. We reviewed the warrant and remained on the premises while the search was being executed.

    The search was conducted by members of the DEA, two Robbery – Homicide detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department and Houston Police officers.

    The search warrant authorized law enforcement to search for and seize items, including documents, they believed constituted evidence of the offense of manslaughter

  21. Los Angeles Times 24th August:-
    "police detectives saw about eight bottles of propofol in the house along with other vials and pills that had been prescribed to Jackson by Dr. Murray, Dr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Allan Metzger.

    Other drugs that were confiscated in the search included valium, tamsulosin, lorazepam, temazepam, clonazepam, trazodone and tizanidine. They also found propofol in Murray’s medical bag. Murray told detectives that he was not the first doctor to administer the powerful anesthetic to Jackson.

    ... On the morning Jackson died, Murray tried to induce sleep without using propofol, according to the affidavit.
    He said he gave Jackson valium at 1:30 a.m.
    When that didn't work, he said, he injected lorazepam intravenously at 2 a.m.
    At 3 a.m., when Jackson was still awake, Murray administered midazolam.

    Over the next few hours, Murray said he gave Jackson various drugs.
    Then at 10:40 a.m., Murray administered 25 milligrams of propofol after Jackson repeatedly demanded the drug, according to the court records"

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