06 May 2009

"this goes to 11 ... "

Marshall in England first developed amps for
Pete Townshend and John Entwistle in the mid 1960's.

Marshall amps appeared at Melbourne gigs c.1966 -
Stan Rogers of The Adderley-Smith Blues Band
recalls -
"WE WERE approached, by a new amplifier company to test their amplifiers in actual performances.            Our mandate was
                         to try as hard as we could to blow them up.
Every Monday I would take them back and get a new set
...   and I am talking about a wall of amplifiers and speakers,
                                the full width of the stage of The Catcher.
That was the beginning of Marshall in Australia."
Later, -
in the 1970s the band Blue Oyster Cult -
On Your Feet Or On Your Knees' - "this is what a true live album sounds like, because it was taped and not cleaned up.   You can smell the people, the smoke, the beer, the amps, etc..   I just wish the young music fans could be exposed to BOC,    but unfortunately MTV killed this kind of Rock, and in turn killed the truth"
used an entire wall of full-stack Marshall Amplifiers ...
 read details via - Gareth Owen on STACK EVOLUTION.
the entire sub-culture   culminates    gloriously in

The Wonder That Is SPINAL TAP


  1. I have brought this over from Marshall stacks, because of the great comment by
    Cazzie In The Morning :
    I grew up next door, or next paddock, to a guy that was in a bike gang in the 1970's.
    They used to have raging parties, because we lived in the middle of nowhere,
    and they used to play music and even have live bands playing for up to 2 weeks at a time!
    I remember my Dad saying that our neighbour told him the level of enjoyment of a party was not just gauged by the amount of dollars they made from the "riders" and their ├ľnions" upon entry to the party, more to the point,
    it was gauged by the sets of amps they went through.
    Now I know what they meant!
    One party they blew 14 sets!"

    I hope there is a full blogpost coming on that dear Cazzie - we all want to hear more details.

  2. and here's our pal
    Lad Litter who said...
    I bought a Mini-Marshall stack for $79 (either way, I'd get a good amp or at worst a delightful ornament) and it's great.
    At full volume, (too loud for quiet practicing) it gives that warm valve sound that we all know and love.

    MAY 1, 2009 8:24 PM

  3. We lived two doors (in rural blocks) away from the Bandidos...not saying where...and when they had a gatherng there'd be the rumble of the bikes for a day before they all got there... our neighbours just went and stayed at a motel. They were closer. melissa used to tell me to make sure i got the cat in at nights..."you have no idea what they might do to a cat "she'd say... and kaaabbooomm...but the music was actually good old heavy rock and roll...the odd rifle shot...I went out on the verandah one night to have a look and don said, get back inside and stay on this side of the house...he had some idea how far bullets travel...none of us EVER complained...then one day they just moved on ... I swear the very trees vibrated

  4. "They've banned the cover of your 'Sniff the Glove' album for being sexist."

    "What's wrong with that? It's meant to be sexy."

    Spinal Tap! Classic stuff.

  5. Hi Annie

    This is probably lowering the tone but my favourite online TV show, BBC's Newsnight Review, has a volume max of 11. Admittedly, it's a very conservative 11.




  7. I was once so in love that I was proud to carry his Marshall amp out to the Monaro ? Charger? after gigs. Of course, I was never allowed to touch the Fender Stratocaster.

    Gotta love Spinal Tap.

  8. At around the same time... probably just after I'd fallen out of love with him... I was in a band and we were booked to do a gig which turned out to be in the middle of nowhere for a bunch of bikers...Iriquois or some sort of indian name.... lucky for me I found a pair of old painter's overalls in the back of my old man's car. The little short black leather number was going to be more trouble than anyone had bargained for, apparently....

    The Marshall amp that night was mine.


  9. Caroline? more foldback please!

    Ozfemme? wise move. I have just come from a house with a neighbor whose windows were all shot out at 3am by bikers she met earlier in the pub and would not get involved with. they are not good at taking rejection.

    Pants: I went to newsnight Review and got sideswacked by all the good stuff and forgot to check their decibels.
    Therese: Love Thy Neighbour.

    Brian: I would lay money you can recite the whole film. it's inspirational. Follow that link to their new project Unplugged and Undead.

  10. Standing by Elvis' grave: "A little too much fucking perspective!"

    Me and Mr Daisy say that to each other all the time, concerning various morbid topics. :D