28 May 2009

Mediabonic Plague

UPDATE: this post was made before 1000 people here were diagnosed.
Get yourselves over to my Melbourne pal Health Trip where there is a link to

Medical Journal of Australia’s online report this week
”Swine flu update: bringing home the bacon”,

several characteristics of this virus have been observed:
- on average there is an incubation period of 3-4 days between exposure to the virus and onset of symptoms

- in the US over a third of cases have diarrhoea and vomiting along with the usual symptoms such as a sore throat and malaise

* * * * * * *
The whole thing is a gift for the eedjit meeja.
We all say we have 'flu, when really we only have a Swine-of-a-cold.
All Influenza strains can kill infants and the elderly ALL the time fer chrissakes.
AND our eedjit govt could have kept this particular strain of H1N1 flu out of the country by giving masks to all new arrivals and instructing them to wear for a week. That simple, and god knows they had all the warning time in the world.

We can only hope that the whole thing will bring about something I have wanted for years -
1. an increased understanding that sneezing and coughing really, really spreads your germs onto other people who then get sick in turn; and

2. a pissy little scrunched up paper tissue is NO USE in public - you must carry proper handkerchiefs for coughing on buses.

I brought this image from a UK blogger who wrote a great post on Dirty Dancing which is worth a click-through.

Your homework on this topic is to find and view
  Panic In The Streets: a great old 
B-movie with Richard Widmark saving New Orleans from a pneumonic plague.


  1. an apology for the double-entry, to the 11 gorgeous bloggers who get this on a Feed.
    When I tested the first link it had developed a '%' between copying and pasting.
    They are both to Jane Henry a published author whose blogs are all really good reading.
    peace and love to you all, and
    please put a proper hankie in your pocket today.

  2. HA!
    A proper hankie would be a novelty item to those dirty, disgusting creatures on buses and trains who sit and pick their noses, cough up a lung and spit it on the floor or snort snot back up their throat from Spencer Street Station until Frankston.
    ARRRRRRR! Filthy vile scum.

  3. Oh my .... Jayne's comment has just made me feel ill...I'll be right back.

  4. it also had the same effect on me,
    dear OzFemme.

  5. Anyone gets sick in Australia blame the fools at NSW health department...a bigger pack of disorganised idiots it would be hard to find...they big time blew it when they didn't stop that ship disembarking in Sydney, then Brisbane...

  6. I can't understand why the British government hasn't cordoned off all the towns yet and rounded up anyone who has recently been within thirty feet of another human being, then transported them for slaughter, like they did with the sheep a couple of years ago when they got a bit of a sniffle.

  7. I love that film and haven't seen it for years but ABC1 often puts it on during the dead hours. It was the 'CSI' of its time.

    I'm ready. I carry a hanky, packet of tissues, double strength, packet of stickyfingers wipes, fisherman's friend and ask the nice girl at the ticket office to seat me a long way from anyone else in the picture theatre.
    Worse cold I ever caught was from a taxi driver who sneezed straight at me.
    I found out last year that there is a big diffence between feeling 'cold' lousy and getting flu which is lousy. The coughing alone nearly did in the lungs not to mention the temperature. Advice this week was to make sure every household has a thermometer to check temperature before it gets to danger level.
    I will now end this blog post which started as a comment.

  8. I managed to overcome my typically male domestic blindness by finding the only bright blue bottle of antiseptic hand cream in the (mainly) white toilet. Then they put up a sign saying "antiseptic hand cream" with an arrow down to the bottle, in case I missed it the second time.

  9. AMen to all of that..and it is exactly as I posted a few weeks ago...cover mouths, wash hands dispose of tissues and use your brain! LOL

  10. Thanks for linking my updates - I've done three so far since the little virus hit the news. Will keep posting news and sensible advice as needed.

  11. You know, this is soooooo true! Being a germaphobe my kids brought every illness home starting in preschool) I don't go anywhere without tissues and purell.

    I HATE being in the store or anywhere when there's some nasty gross person hacking up a lung and not covering their mouth. Just rude.

    And I don't know about where you are, but in the US they started running commercials about 1 1/2 yrs ago talking about 'an inevitable pandemic - be prepared'. Being a non-trusting person about anything gov't says...I think they were salivating when the swine flu came out. They've played it up like crazy. The reg. flu kills 32000 people in the US alone every year for God's sake.

    Chicken little and the sky is falling. That's all I've got to say.

  12. Thank you everybody - I appreciate your visit and comment.

  13. Can you catch it from the internet do you think? I've just done a blog post on swine flu, then read this, and I suddenly feel sore of throat and all headachy.

  14. SIX weeks later this headline news:-

    Pregnant women told to don masks as swine flu outbreak worsens. Sydney Morning Herald - ‎1 hour ago‎.

    Australia's peak obstetrics organisation has warned pregnant women to wear masks in public and stay at home if possible as the number of serious cases of swine flu surges