01 April 2009


I first noticed his terrific update of the beloved Flash Harry in
 The St.Trinians movie, then when I saw 
he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall 
playing a British rockstar (named Aldous 
fer godsakes,a blend of Doherty and Gallagher)
well I just lapped it up. 
The man is a contortionist or half-spider.

My days have now gone to hell as I follow in his 
@rustyrocket Twitter wake (along with a million 
others, most of who seem to be women he met on 
tour in Australia).
Get yourself to and buy his genuine autobiography 'My Booky-Wook'.
It was 'Biography Of the Year 2008'.

I hardly ever want anything ...
anything at all, I really don't,
but I do want Russell
There is nothing more wantable than a clever funny bad-boy,
and apparently, one does not get too old for it.

My previous Big Hero was the late great self-destructo
Peter Cook, who was much more than just funny 
bless his heart and soul.
And now Russell Brand has appeared - and he 
is just as good as Peter Cook.

If you are scoffing, please do follow this link to
where you can see he is in an Aldous sequel (of course) and also playing opposite Helen Mirren in Shakespeares The Tempest (no links required for that lot)..

Just look at this nice boy with this family in Malaysia (March 2009) - did I mention he was awarded Shagger Of The Year several times by The Sun?
You probably saw him on ROVE when they covered that. Rove failed to mention that Rusty also writes a great sport column in The Guardian
(sorry no more links, work with me here)
A truly renaissance man.


  1. Likening this flashy goose to Peter Cook is an insult. He's a product, a phoney. Jane Goody became a product but it wasn't all her fault, she got sponsored.
    The media puts these people there, makes them celebrities, but can pull the chair from under their arse any time it pleases.

  2. I know lots of Jade Goodys. They live in obscurity.

  3. Rusty at the G20 London barricades
    "This lovely French journalist harangued me as the conflagration heated up –
    “people over there are being arrested – you should go over and use your fame for good.”
    Quite. “By the power vested in me by Big Brother’s Big Mouth I command you to release that anarchist.”
    Of course I’d like to harness my celebrity for altruistic ends but in the field, at that moment I don’t know what legislative authority I have as a result of my appearance in the film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. “Officer – I played the part of Mickey the Room Service waiter in the Disney movie Bedtime Stories and as such I command you to let us cross this line”.

    ... is just as sweet

    (RH you will be deleted if you come back here with your malevolence.
    Get off the grog or off my blog.)

  4. I'm sorry, call me what you like, I just don't find that funny. Sorry. I've been deleted, or left in a huff, but usually get welcomed back. But I'm not going back anymore. Time is getting short. And I've been avoiding what I need to write, because it'll make me cry.
    I haven't had a drink in months, rarely drink at all, I saw what it did to my daddy.

  5. RH - re "avoiding what I need to write"

    The man you so rudely ridicule here in the face of MY admiration, had the strength to write his book and maybe you should read it and be inspired.

    "You haven't really livd until you've been gokart-racing with 20 junkies"

  6. I like Brand well enough, but I am surprised how popular he is.

  7. The dear boy hasn't lived yet as he hasn't shagged me.
    Did I say that out aloud...?

  8. Sam Newman would be just as popular (he's a similar act -and wittier) but we're a small nation.
    I used to go out with an Italian woman. She didn't know much English and her struggle with it was funny in itself. She could have learned but couldn't be bothered, and I didn't care. What I really liked was she'd laugh at the sight of people laughing -a sudden burst from her, which caused me to break down myself. What's funny to me is what people actually do. I'm never amused by silliness: far-fetched nonsense. It's okay for you I guess but hard for me. I've never known a junky who wanted anything but junk.

    Here's a book for you: Dead Souls.

    April 02, 2009

  9. Come with me darlings, we'll see the sights, the rotten and the risible, the whole shebang. Travel is useful, never a waste, other people's journeys are all our own.

  10. Thank you.


  11. He writes very well. I like. Not enough to shag (dear boy looks in need of a shower and a meal) but to listen to, yes indeed.

  12. that sam newman comparison has just about earned rh, finally, a lifetime ban from here.
    Comment moderation coming soon. Mr Newman has a minor talent to amuse the lower orders, nothing more. He has no vocabulary, no style, no pathos, no context, and his ability to write may just cover cheques, nothing more.
    I will take this comment down soon, as I don't even want his name here.

    Miss Diarist - please adjust your attitude to the shag: it has no connection to nutrition or toilette.
    Mr Brand is slim because he is a recovering anorexic.
    Up to now he has only had tramps fling theirselves at him and has yet to survive the weekend he could get from me and JAYNE above, if only he knew it. oh yes indeed ambos and transfusions would be required. the place would have to be hosed down.

  13. I saw RB on Nine News tonight at the G20 London march. He was described as "comedian". When asked "Why are you here?" there was a long silence. He looked embarrassed. Finally he stammered something like "I've just come along..."
    There'll be a clip of this somewhere, but it won't be on his website.
    This is an important thing to me, because there are plenty of naive vulnerable people tricked by guru types into accepting ideas and authority without question.

    I know this comment will be deleted, in which case I won't bother again, it's no use.


  15. There's a posting about the march, but I'm saying: where is a brief clip from it showing him speechless and embarrassed when asked "Why have you come here?".

  16. I guess you have to decide if you're establishment or anti. One or the other. Anyway I find him difficult to read, hard going, stilted, it gives me a headache. And there's no good reason for that barrage of syllables. But it's a common error. Miz Panz has the same problem.

  17. Rh negative:
    I don't view Channel 9's version of 'news'.
    But if YOU were asked "why are you here"
    how would you justify the oxygen you consume?"
    We need to advise Mr Brand that his life is up for your condoning.


    I guess he did not know some loser shitbag would be his Grand Jury and Hanging Judge or he would have shaped-up and done better just to please you.
    Go and post a lucid articulate eulogy to the fine man that you think John S Newman is, to some OTHER BLOG or better still YOUR OWN for once."

  18. I've never said Sam Newman is a fine man, I don't even watch the show. But thanks anyway for your opinion of me, there's been worse.

  19. Oh Ann, what a nasty lot of talk on such a nice lasses blog. I just dropped by to mention I have now read some of Brand's writing and I am impressed.

  20. Oh my, I'm sure Russell's dicksax would be well pleased with all this attention.



  21. Footscray Savers is going downhill, even the wedding dresses look moth-eaten. How sad. Yes, and I'll tell you honestly, if it wasn't for good looking chickies going there I wouldn't bother.
    Everything's downhill nowadays, manners especially, people say they'll visit you and don't even turn up. Rude? Hell! And not that I've lots of opportunities for meeting new people too! Damn. Well I was so looking forward to it, even stood outside looking up and down the street. (You know how it is. Poignant, that's how it is. ha ha.) And me, the greatest poet in the world! Well I'll tell you something, something strange: the more talented you are the less you get along with people. How true. I barely make out with them at all -apart from criminals and the mentally ill. Extraordinary! Yes. Such is my talent. The main thing separating sapheads from artists at all is fear of course. Oh but they are terrified!- of low company! So what do they write: big-word crap, oh!- my goodness!- the most appalling crap!- for each other.
    ha ha ha.

    How unfortunate.