08 March 2009


Last week I spent some time with the the helpful people (thanks Darren)
they showed me a list of houses built by 
my ancestor George Sedgwick.
(He also built the original Town Hall in 1863, which now houses the History Group, and they told me he wrote his name on the inside of the front doors).

These are my own pics of his earliest Portland project:
 5-7 Tyers Street, now a B&B called
Victoria House
(that link has better photos than mine)
Old Sedgwicks 14" skirting boards and beautiful door frames are 
just as immaculate as in 1853 when he hammered them in. What a guy.


  1. Beautiful craftsmanship in those buildings, well done you to have such a talented ancestor.

    Went to school with a girl who's grandmother owned and ran Macs Hotel, though I imagine she'd have dropped off the perch long ago by now!

  2. Sedgwick? God help us, the bearded old fart gets everywhere.

  3. It looks brand new. Well, clearly the roof is quite new. Restored or maintained you reckon?

  4. Wow, what a beautiful building! Built to last a thousand storms. Your ancestor was a very talented man and thankfully his work has been preserved. It must be very satisfying to be able to trace his footsteps. Amazing. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  5. And according to the Portland History Group,
    he also built:

    "The weatherboard Cottage at 8 Glenelg Street,, Portland, is possibly one of the oldest surviving structures in Portland, and as it was erected on land within the first subdivisions of the town, it may be a relic of the very earliest period of development of the township. The fabric has been modified, and an enclosed weatherboard annex constructed across the original facade. The original weatherboards on the main cottage structure remain intact".
    List: Register of the National Estate
    Class: Historic
    Legal Status: Registered (21/03/1978)
    Place ID: 3885
    Place File No: 2/02/142/0024