31 March 2009

Portland, Victoria

Dawn, main street, Monday,
Macs Hotel on the right
(blogger's room not visible).
My ancestor landed here in 1853 from Manchester,
and this is his bluestone house built then, and it is still right there, in the main street.


  1. "My ancestor landed here in 1853..."

    I knew you were descended from space aliens.

  2. Lovely photo Ann. Everyone, make sure you click on it to see full size.

  3. "My ancestor landed here in 1853..."

    ... and clever talented ole George landed on his feet, as opposed to one of his descendants, my father, who spent most of his time totally legless.

  4. THANK YOU Hot Andrew;
    Hughsie? he was from MANCHESTER.

    Your Excellency -- having recently fled from the evil done by The Drink, I think I may become t-total. I meet too many people who turn nasty after 3 drinks, poor things. Pimms is not alcohol though, is it?

    Thanks for passing through.

  5. Andrew, thanks for the tip about enlarging the photo. It truly is beautiful, Ann. Sunset, magnificent old buildings, and not a hint of traffic!

  6. "...he was from MANCHESTER."

    Ah...inner space aliens then.

  7. So your Mancunian ancestor: United or City? It's important.

  8. Gee LL, City was only formed in the 20thC
    (and was done so as an outlet for local mens' violence and drunkeness apparently)
    AnnODynes' guy was well away from there by then.
    Man U is Beckham territory though, so ....

  9. The setting sun through the trees is bewdiful...

  10. His bluestone house is unchanged? I think someone should get in there and at least dust the place occasionally. What will the neighbours think?

    Great photo.