27 February 2009

Sharks R People 2

These fibreglass sharks are mounted above fish n'chip shops allover Victoria. There is one in Glenhuntly Rd Elsternwick, and this one is in Lakes Entrance.
Poor Sharky gets such a Bad Press for being a shark. Doesn't seem fair to me.
His space is invaded and he reacts with the only weapon he has, as we would when ours is. "Mmmm those tanned muscly surfers sure taste good."


  1. My very first web design job was for a butcher who had a cute moo cow as his logo LOL He never did get the irony.

    Didya read about the kids in Qld on a school excursion to a park? Some were apparently throwing rocks at a wasps nest and 30 wasps attacked back. Ouch. Maybe there's a fightback campaign going :-)

  2. I always feel sad when there is a big appealing cowface over a butcher shop, but don't quite feel the same when I look at a shark. Wonder why?

  3. "Mmmm those tanned muscly surfers sure taste good."

    Crunchy on the outside with a soft, chewy centre.

  4. Shark Biscuits sound so much tastier than surfers...with sweet jam-drop filling :P

  5. Like the Coco Pop adverts say, "Just like surfie milkshakes only crunchy."