04 July 2008

EDW Giddy up!

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By the 18th century,
the clothing of rich women
needed to loosen-up a little
to allow them enough physical freedom
to enjoy the popular pastime
of horse-riding.
This woman festooned in metres
of silks is probably incidental to
Alfred Dedreux's
painting of the Arabian horse, and she appears to also be incidental to horsey's plan to get deeply involved with a large body of water, or, they may be just inventing the first Moire Silk out of her fabulous 'riding' outfit.
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  1. I wonder what she's planning to do with that thermometer. No wonder the horse is contemplating dumping her in the puddle.

  2. Arabian's are notorious for being highly strung, like women of the time who were trussed up in corsets and forever fainting.
    Perhaps they have a wet silk t-shirt contest planned?

  3. I'll check out that blog - how har must it have been riding side saddle and how ridiculuous what did they imagine was going to happen on the back of a horse - that she might get a bit of somehting she didn't get from her husband no doubt...

  4. Ah, but what is the Horse thinking?

  5. AnonymousJuly 10, 2008

    Dear Davo, Horsey is thinking

    *A horse is a horse of course of course,
    and nobody
    talks to a horse of curse,
    That is of course, unless the horse is
    The Fa-a-mous Mr.Ed!

  6. Daughter and I (and a teenage friend) went to Aireys Inlet on the holidays and went for a trail ride at "Blazing Saddles". Stupid name, but actually well run. Lovely views, horses (relatively) happy (for trail riding horses) and well cared for UNLIKE THE UNFORTUNATE CREATURES DAUGHTER LEARNED TO RIDE ON. The views are magnificent. I'd recommend it highly.

    I only decided to ride at the last minute and was wondering what hairy bastard they'd drag out of the paddock for me. But my horse was lovely.

    It's a real nostalgia trip for me as a horsey kid of long ago who now never rides. It's like riding a bike (as in, you don't forget) but more muscle pain afterwards.

    Do you ever get to ride the beasties at the places you house-sit?

  7. Dear Helen - thank you for your visit here, and re your visit to Airey's - did you see any koalas? Please check Thats So Pants for excellent photo of koala taken when we parked a huge Triton-Turbo 4WD dual-cab on the great ocean road and blocked the traffic.

    Reply to your riding query going to your Inbox.

  8. I saw someone riding side-saddle the other week. First time I've seen that in years.

    That woman is wearing a phenomenally good costume.

  9. Quink. Side saddle Su from Sookumpoo Happy Valley.

  10. I tried to get my dad to buy me an Arab breed so many times when I was little. I got gerbils. Whoever this rich woman is, I hope she falls into the muddy water and sinks like Ophelia. (yes, that is the kind of mood i'm in today/forever)