17 January 2008

New Beau Brummell

For Elegantly-Dressed Wednesday
this week, we have
Style UNREPENTANT, in the unrepentant manner of
Beau Brummell.
Days ago Corey Delaney was just another 16-year-old who decided to party while his parents were out, but defiant performances in the media and his stubborn refusal to return home and face the music have transformed him into a poster boy of teenage rebellion. The thin youth with bleached-blond hair has appeared on prime-time national television in oversized plastic yellow sunglasses and a hooded camouflage jacket left open to expose a bare chest and a pierced nipple, nonchalantly declaring that he was planning another party — though at a different venue.
The interviewer advises him to “go away and take a long hard look” at himself.
He replies: “I have. Everybody has. They love it.”

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My LinksPal NINAFAT said it precisely: " ... shame doesn't work on the unshameable.
And for a generation of kids who have grown up with Big Brother,
notoriety doesn't just resemble fame - it is the same thing exactly.
Desirable in every sense."


  1. He replies: “I have. Everybody has. They love it.”

    Not quite everybody, obviously. That nipple ring...was it in his nose? I only ask because because every generation (regardless of what it thinks...or doesn't think as the case might be) produces with almost monotonous repatition its own 'unique' strand of 'I'm just doing my own thing' cliched rebelious teenagers who basically tether themselves to past convention like a herd of heifers.
    Besides he looks like a tit-head, so a nipple ring in the nose would be the perfect statement.

  2. I was almost having a Corey free day, until your post and these guys efforts.

  3. Ahh, following in the great tradition of Shane and Bindi Paxton- 2 rebellious teens who refused to get a job or give a rats clacker - 15mins of fame and counting, Corey

  4. Mizz Baroque knows what she's talking about in her own pommy way but she shouldn't be having a shot at cardigans.

  5. the look just doesn't quite work...wonder which tTV personality suggested that coat in the middle of it was a put up job

  6. Don't want to be disagreeable here, but I find the sanctimonious playing to the tabloid peanut gallery style of most in the press (and disappointingly, some in blogsville) a bit disconcerting.

    Wouldn't you defy these shyster hypocrites if it came to that? And how refreshing not to have the situation controlled by a slick, amoral PR firm who quickly get the media in tow.

    “I have. Everybody has. They love it.” That rejoinder is a terrific summation of the differences between Corey, the press and the public that works on a multitude of levels.

    "Sure, I had the radio on." Marilyn Monroe
    "Well he would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies.

  7. The media giveth -and taketh away, fame.

    You have to laugh, Warhol has been taken seriously.

  8. "It has come to our attention" that some blighter has been using our name to blacken your character. What a bounder! And apparently he demands forty minutes of fame as well. -Great Jupiter!- outrageous!- twice what everyone else gets!

    Well I tell you, he'll be jolly sorry when we nab him, we have a room wall-papered with Gerry Gee's sister: Mizz Gillard. That's where he'll be locked up, damned fool. See how he likes that! Eh, what? haw haw haw!

    -Sir Robert.
    Old Harrovian!

  9. That coat only look appropriate if he is going to Antarctica.

    If he is wishing to reform and want to go for some penguin spotting, I suggest he cover up his chest and ahoy!

    Otherwise he look very weird.

    Now, I in my penguin suit, I look spot on!

  10. Boy dat is one kookie dame!

  11. Thinks she's a penguin.

    "aaark aaark"

    There'd have to be less radical ways to avoid the old in-and-out?

  12. 'Tit head' that's a bit sexist isn't it? You lot are not allowed to be sexist any more its OUR turn. Dick-nose is probably closer to the mark. So that was it, his 15 minutes, the highlight of his life. From now on in its all downhill. The resentful pushing of shopping trolleys, failing uni exams, dropping out, getting a job at Maccas, getting sacked, going bald. Yee har! Go Corey!

    C o r e y ? Geez.

  13. Yes Caroline - 'Corey' is on the list of 'Notifiable Names'.
    He is definitely from the branch of Vicki Pollard's family which emigrated from Slum-on-Trent

    ... and RH: listen carefully I will say zis only vunce -
    "do not insult Prude Penguin on THIS blog.

  14. I have insulted no one. EVER!

    (See how I'm treated? And by a seven-times-married taxi dancer!)


  15. Caroline,

    "'Tit head' that's a bit sexist isn't it?"

    Not when you see the size of the tits on some of the blokes around these parts.

  16. Guess it's down to me then: "Hey, Corey, lost your Clearasil?"

  17. Ha ha. He was rather a sensation over here as well. And, to be fair, it was a fine riposte...

  18. you will be plaese/horrified to know that Cory will be apearing on Big Brother this year, that 15 mins will now be stretched to 17.