10 January 2008

Crazy Elegant Chief

Elegantly Dressed Wednesday button
Silver bangles on both biceps, a white linen shirt with long cuffs, a white silk ascot, a white feather tied insouciantly into one's plaits, and a breastplate of dried-white bones.
Who could carry off a look like that?
Chief Crazy Horse, that's who.
He was callously murdered in 1877. At the Indian website where I got this info, Mari Sandoz said: "He is holding a blanket over his left arm that is carefully draped for maximum presentation, the border resting on the floor.
At the time of his surrender Chief Crazy Horse's most prized possession was a red blanket, a Chief's blanket. He is holding this over his arm, carefully draped, the border resting on the floor so that it is properly presented for the photograph.
Chief Crazy Horse carried his red blanket as he walked (unwittingly) to the guardhouse, where he was bayoneted by Private Gentles."

(I bet Gentles looked like rubbish 'n all, the cur.)


  1. Have you read any of Dee Browns books about this...bury my heart at wounded knee is one...can't recall the others.

  2. Gentles was clearly a complete bounder.

  3. Private Gentles? Now there was somebody one short syllable away from a truly fitting name.

  4. Goodness, what a magnificent fellow. Private Gentles was clearly no gentleman.


  5. AOD, how about a link if you can remember where this came from? what a splendid photograph. Lou Diamond Philips played a young Crazy Horse in a film once - wasn't Dances with Wolves, was it? something more biographical. He was extremely beautiful.

  6. thanks for your visit Reeling & Writhing Genevieve
    More on Chief Crazy Horse at this link