26 December 2007

Sartorial Claus

Nothing saintly about the ensembles of those impersonators of
Good St.Nick
who present themselves in
grimy white fur and mange-y red felt.
Here is
an Elegantly-Dressed Wednesday
St.Nicholas, worthy of his ordination.
A man who looks like he delivers the goods.
Clothes maketh the Santa.Elegantly Dressed Wednesday button

Rendition by: JamesCChristenson of GreenwichWorkshops


  1. fine feathers make fine birds, or so they say. which is ok if you want a bird rather than a human bean.

  2. The Father Christmas in our local shop this year had to be the worst dressed Santa in history. Not only did he reek of booze, he'd also set fire to his beard when he'd snuck outside for a ciggy, leaving a large, sooty brown smudge down one side of his face. Even his elf had a ladder in her tights.

    Still, not to worry. That's what Christmas is all about. Happy New Year Annie...

  3. why am I not surprised to find that Hughsie is perving on those girly elfin legs down at the mall.

  4. Very elegant Santa pic, BWCA. My wife has a dept-store Santy photo from the 60s where you can see the tatts on his forearm!

  5. Annie,

    I wasn't perving. I was just wondering why she needed to hide a ladder down her knickers, that's all.

  6. Thought I'd call by and repay your visit, Ann. Great blog you have.

  7. Dear Ms B - I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that your new year will be a peaceful one. xx

  8. And I wish you a rock and roll new year with Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano married to his cousin.

    Rock on, rock off, then start all over again!


  9. Old st Nick...when I was a child we heard more about him and not as much about Santa Clause...

    we took Melissa to see Santy when she was 4 9she's 33 now) and she was really upset because he had a pair of black and white sneakers on and looked like he was about 22, thin as a rake and with no beard...

  10. Ahh, the red and white Amanita muscaria, Brownies terpsichoring about... Reminds me of waking up in Darwin with a Butterfly in the next cell.

    The very best to everyone, Annie, from us in the TreeHouse.

  11. Why thank you TreeHouse Gang, I don't terpsichore about for just anyone you know.

  12. An historian was commenting on St Nicholas on ABC radio ... saying that the historical template for Santa would be shocked to learn what has become of his memory.

    More than shocked, I think. Fully freaked out more like it. Just imagine, looking forward in time to find yourself represented as an instantly recognisable global figurehead wearing a grotesque uniform, living at the North Pol with a slave army of elves and reindeer ... etc etc ...

    Worthy of a post, come to think of it. I'll get on to it right away...

    Hey Bwca, Happy New Year and a serious thank you for the interest you've shown on the Sails of Oblivion. Your comments are like bloxygen

  13. So long as it's not someone like Kelsey Grammar making a Santa, such as in those Christmas comedies I caught glimpses of on Xmas Day, I'm happy.

    Happy New Year, Ann O'Dyne!

  14. We have had the same Santa for years, who strides around town in a long flowing purple velvet cloak, curled wooden staff and long natural beard. He is tall, lanky and almost spooky, but I love to see him each year.

    Nice Blog. I will wander through some more.