21 June 2007

Wednesday it's Watts

Elegantly Dressed Wednesday button

It's Wednesday again and here is the only elegant rocker around, and most definitely the only elegant drummer around*.
(* maybe Max Weinberg gets close.)
His fame makes it hard to find a non-copyright photo, but I won't need to convince you.
Charlie is da man, man.
He did not need an AntonyPrice to style him.
The man is all his own work.
Just put his name into any Image Search and see - A Lifetime Of Style - so rare in Rock.
Mr Watts we salute you.


  1. This chap is a intellectual compared to other louts mincing around out the front.

    "Don't ever call me your drummer again. You're my fucking singer."

  2. Thanks pedaller - another reason to love the guy, and Jagger proves that MONEY does not make a snappy dresser - he is one of the worst.

  3. Fine choice and brilliant quote also from cfsmtb - I'd quite forgotten that remark.

  4. Hello Bwca,

    I've found you through Quink's blog, and approve... So I've added you to my links list.

    Have Fun.


  5. "Charlie's good tonight, isn't he?" So said Mick on side 2 of Get Yer Ya Yas Out. I'll bet he was good every night. On popstar idolatry Watts once said "If you believed it you'd be the most dreadful person." And how's the beat on Brown Sugar? If you're going to play Stones covers, you have to play like Charlie, or you're not cutting it.

  6. The Stones were it for me...never wrapped in the Beatles... something about their attitude apealed to me big time...and always had a softie spot for the drummer... and they are still all alive (I hope) which is unbelievable

  7. Woohoo, yes we do. The man is all style.